Monday, April 12, 2010

Man of the world

Living lies, it's not a good thing to do.
Well, everybody knows that.

Im putting it this way, "It's just a kind of re-greeting to me to back to work."
But the weird thing is, im blind now.
i cant see others who can take her part.
It's not that i've never tried & i will not try.
But i just knew that, this will be the last time on earth for that stuffs.
Well u can criticize this, "oh giler cintan nak mampos" or whatever it is,
it's sinful enough to be a sinner & it's my life, im living a life too, hell u.

Let's go back to work peng.
U're dreaming high, so u gotta run the talk.
I felt like to write about "Sufism & Telan Ludah"...
But for the mean time, i have no time for any related unforeseen complications,
so ill just delay it for a few days.

I'll keep believing that everything is gonna be find, at the end.
Well, these days people keep talking on how subjective any particular word could be.
So does the "end"...
But i dont like the voices-of-people-who-stand-looking scene.
I have a brain, i use it & that explains why i dont like that scene & those people.

What about those guys who thought they are heavenly made & allergic to sins?
Well, if u ever have any thought that u are better than me in term of thinking,
& then u feel that it's not that hard to beat me or even if u put it as your armageddon,
either way, u're wrong, be my guest.
'coz i would have known u if you are better than me in term of thinking & people will know that i respected u.

Yeah u can call me 'ujub or whatever,
but the fact is u're trying too hard, too far too long, too fraid to lose,
Easy guys, go easy on this.

If u got any problem with me, just say it to me, im a democrat & i dont like anwar ibrahim,
Make it a man's talking, man to man.

One day, i know u'll notice that im the man of the world, it's just u who kept fighting urself by thinking it is me that u're fighting to. Pity u.

You just better start sniffing your own rank of subjugation jack 'cause it's just you
against your tattered libido, the bank and the mortician, forever man and it wouldn't
be luck if you could get out of life alive.

Night, have a nice dream.

Man of the world,
Mohd Peng.

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