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Malaysia & Middle Income Trap Phenomenon

Scientific-Base Religion Studies
My O&G's Professor said that abstinence could prevent conception up to 100%. It is 100%.
Yes indeed it's true, we need the compatible sperms, an ovum & suitable condition of the uterus & the female entirely. It's a basic knowledge & agreed by all creatures.
So lets assume this as a scientific fact.
How about the Prophet Isa's (pbuh) birth? Isn't it against the scientific fact above?
So how could u as a moslem explain this to a non or even the other moslems as well?
Well if u ask me, ill just simply put this as a God's stuff & i wont do any further debate on that.

So cant u see the danger of babying people's mind with scientific base measure?
Im not saying this would be all, but rather to make u aware of this thing & this is one of the main reasons why im comfortable with Manhaj Salafussoleh in akidah. We dont do extra-questioning upon the theology's stuffs & we just let those mind challenging verses in Quran to Allah, believe me, this is safer in terms of the truest religion competition & "paling menjaga hak Allah dengan sifat-sifatNya..." @ perhaps the most blessed one. Amen.

Tak perlu pun ilmu-ilmu kalam dalam akidah ni sekalipun nak berdebat dgn non-moslem or atheist, buat kalah lagi adela, nilah risiko besar mazhab akidah asya'iroh mathuridiah, debat lebey2 pastu makan diri.

But i did some studies & classifications of the science-base religion studies & moslem should focus more on "keesaan Tuhan" & any related scientific proofs & of course i need to prove this, yeah, later ok. The other scientific studies might have problems themselves & chronically being criticized with "against-Islam-agendas."

Ok, lets have a look into Genealogy of Jesus in the bible; Matthew 1:6-16 & Luke 3:23-31.
There are contradictions between both verses & they ended up with the same Joseph as Jesus's Father, a God? He's "Joseph the carpenter."Matthew said there were 26 ancestors of Jesus while Luke gathered up 41 forefathers for Jesus.Could both the list have emanated from the same source, i.e. God?

Ahmed Deedat wrote this as an ignoble ancestry. (The Choice, vol. 2 page 132)
"Why should God give a "father" (Joseph) to His "son" (Jesus)? And why such an ignoble ancestry?

"This is the whole beauty of it," says the pervert. "God loved the sinners so much that he disdaineth not to give such progenitors for His son."

In conclusion, we do have a lot of advantages than christians. There are a lot more contradictions between verses in bible itself. But the main thing u need to bear in mind is do not gambling those verses of Quran with any mind-base evidence with unforeseen complications. So do u know why almost all the professional moslems nowadays tend to like Salafussoleh method?

Ok, enough about this. I want to write something about the Malaysian's economic issues.
Well it shocked me when Japan said that they want to give us a few train cabins for free.
And im very happy with Datuk Najib efforts regarding on the progress of Malaysian-American diplomatic issues.

Malaysia Is Stuck In a "Middle Income Trap"

Cuba bace teguran Presiden PAS kt Datuj Najib pasal isu jualan minyak kepada negara Iran --> link

Sape kate jadi ahli politik islam tak boleh main dengan bersih?
Sepatutnya macam nilah akhlak seorang ahli politik islam & pendakwah at the same time.

Kenape nak ikut rentak Anwar Ibrahim, PKR & DAP?
Anda mencari-cari perkataan bombastic seperti "Ketirisan", hegemony & sebagainya. Namun ini tidak cukup untuk menggambarkan dalamnya pengetahuan anda tentang politik & ekonomi negara. Terus terang cakap, ni tak lebih dari kosmetik & politicking utk menang undi golongan middle class, hasilnya same, rakyat tetap akan tertipu, tak banyak sikit.

Well for me this kind of politicians are rubbish, it's rough, but it's true.
They are politicking every single minute for their own interests. But i could not expect the world to be naive.
Dalam usaha mereka menawan Putrajaya, mereka telah banyak mempengaruhi pejuang-pejuang islam yang melibatkan diri dalam politik terbudaya dengan akhlak2 yang buruk seperti biadab dengan pemerintah dan ini berlawanan dengan hadis2 tentang adab-adab terhadap pemerintah dan sesunnguhnya keadaan ini tidak menggambarkan ajaran islam yang sebenar. (Tun Peng, 17 April 2010)

All in all, they are rubbish. Supaya kamu yang baca belajar macam mana nak jadi ahli politik yang tak sampah.

Balek pd tajuk.
Aku ade buat research pasal Model Ekonomi Baru (MEB) yg Datuk Najib launch baru2 ni.
Sepatutnya kalau betol2 minat politik, at least jadilah kritikal macam ni, tak kesahla nak sokong or oppose gomen. Janganlah sekadar menang istilah tapi tin kosong, apetah lagi kalo kerja mengutuk je, tak ke tambah pahala org ameno? Check balik, ngumpat camane yg halal.

A hefty 40% of malaysian households still earn less than RM 1500 a month & there are income disparities. This might be due to economic differences prevalent in sabah & sarawak & rural areas of the peninsula.

Household income surveys has been strong only for the top 20% of Malaysian income earners.
The bottom 40% of households have experienced the slowest growth of average income, earning less than RM1500 per month in 2008. So there are inequality issues.

These make Malaysia stuck in a "middle income trap."

Internationally, it might be due to the openness to the world economy, increases in international commodity prices such as fuel, food. Thus the direct impact on the domestic prices.
In Global Competitiveness Index, Malaysia is decreasing in rank from 21st to 24th. So this might lead to losing attractiveness as an investment destination.

Export to GDP ratio of 1.2,
Trade to GDP ratio of 2.2 (2008).
Nak tahu ape significance value2 ni, banyakkanlah membaca.

We are focussing mainly on electrical & electronic products & primary commodities; petroleum & palm oil. But, due to the large import content in the manufactured exports, value added to the final product has been low.

The good thing is we got good infrastructures. Malaysia enjoys in E&E manufacturing and major natural resource exports, which can be leveraged for more high value added activities. Untuk yang tak nampak, kalo pegi kedai komputer kt Mesir, boleh tengok barang-barang electronic Malaysia, Creative & etc. This also provides Malaysia with the potential to further develop its logistics sector.

Other issue such as jobs disarrangement.
Low skill jobs = low wages and as u know there are pool of unskilled foreign workers & underpriced resources. The low number or researchers might cause this. This might be due to the low R&D expenditure, thus lack of innovation in the industrial & export sectors. The private sector is not investing in products & services that will drive the future growth.

Low investment in R&D, lack of interest in innovating products & processes to move up the value chain & hence a strong disinterest to build skills and pay higher wages for improved productivity.

The next issue is the outward migration of skilled Malaysians is rising rapidly. Number of expartiates working in country has been steadily declining. Education system is not producing the skills demanded by firm. In 2007, 80% of malaysia workforce received education only up to Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, boleh bayang tak?

Skill shortage, inadequate creativity & ENGLISH PROFICIENCY , ranks high among the top obstacles faced by firms according to studies on Malaysia's investment climate.

The gap between rich & poor is widening. Despite slower growth post-asian crisis, the incidence of poverty continued to decline to 3.6% in 2007.
So we are stuck in a "middle income trap."

Mengikut resource yang aku dapat, kita pernah try mase tahun1992 to attain "upper middle income status", but economy has become sluggish since then.

It's easier for a low income country to make the transition to middle income status when they make good use of their natural resources or low cost advantage to attract invesment. But the low-cost advantage is a fleeting moment that ends when other low-cost centres emerge. Meaning, contohnya awal2 dulu Malaysia terkenal dgn low-cost advantage center utk investment, tapi tetibe negara laen plak yg leading pastu.

So these are the "Middle Income Trap Phenomenon."
Sbb tu kalo kerja driver bus kt Uk je dah bape ribu pound gaji sebulan.
Tapi tu secara nano-economy, individual la.
Kalo kite tgk detail lagi psl europe & america, dorg byk buat bailing-out utk cover those figures; GDP, GNP & etc. Sebab tu tak dapat tidak, Obama kene berbaik balik dengan negara-negara islam, kalau tak bukan je Korea & Russia yg ready nak bom dorg, tapi ekonomi dorg snirik akan boom. Aku faham simple je, dorg supplier & negara2 islam ni antara customer terbesar, so supplier kenela jage hati customer. Ni in terms of economy la.

Korea broke out of the middle income trap after 1992 but regressed in the aftermath of the Asian financial crisis. Korea recognised that its economic structure dominated by chaebols (politically connected family-controlled large conglomerates) could no longer sustain growth. They embarked on a painful but far-sighted transformation programme that propelled them back into the high income category.

I do know some hicom diplomatic business between Malaysia & Korea such as Ingress Tech. Co.
Abg aku keje situ, so aku taula skit2.

Dulu ayah aku pernah citer pasal China punye sistem ekonomi, ringkasnye dorg banyak focus pd industri kecil dalam scale yang besar & banyak, sbb tu dorg terkenal dgn export2 barang ni. Yang aku faham, biar murah, janji banyak, ni dorg punye style. Tapi kalo tgk populasi rakyat china, mmg seswaila kot gomen die buat camtu.

So im waiting to see the progress of MEB to Malaysians happily.
U cant underestimate Tan Sri Amirsham Aziz.
I wish that MEB ni akan jadi mcm Mahathir's punye idea dulu2, Dasar Pandang Ke Timur, HICOM, all those big buildings, putrajaya & cyberjaya & etc etc.

Well egypt is following Mahathir's advices for them a few years ago.
Have a look to the New Cairo City, Sulaiman City, kt alex ni should be Burg el-Arab & etc.

& so do the Saudi, Dubai, UAE & other gulf countries. Trend sistem ekonomi macam mahathir ni berkembang tak pasal2. Pasal2 sebenarnye, hehe.

Panjang lagi sebenarnye nak citer pasal MEB ni. Tapi cukupla kt sini. Aku pening kepala.

Mohd Peng.


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  2. salam.. peng aq ad gk googling info psl MEB ni.. tp x byk dpt.. and x detail ponn.. klu x berat hati bole kongsi x link2 ke blog2 ke lmn web2 ke.. sharing is caring.. huhu.. stakat bc bharian, utusan, x ckp.. ok masehh..

  3. Thaqib: InsyaAllah. At least Allah tahu.

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  4. siape pon kerajan mereka pemimpin,kna sedar ade tgjwb.brape byk ngara islam 'dijajah' secara halus sbb ekonomi tak stabil.n they r very proud to murtadkan depa sume.
    well done on econ issues.MEB structure mmg gempaque,tunggu je la pelaksanaannya.i'allah

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