Saturday, September 4, 2010

Legitimate Racism In The Name Of Democracy

The best way to overcome the distraction is to stay focus on my pursuit. So im doing some researches about the egalitarianism or the equality or the so called the democracy.

"Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time." - Winston Churchill

Democracy is no more than a system of government, but in western democracies it has acquired a sacred status and it is taboo to question it. Yet there is no moral basis for this cult of democracy, for this sacralisation.

It was not a democratic way for President Bush to send troops to Iraq & Afghanistan. It was rather a revenge for his father's personal failure in the former Desert Storm operation. Yet, this is the president of a nation who claimed themselves as a democratic nation. So democracy has no right or wrong, it depends on the people's vote. If the majority of the people said killing muslim is right, so democratically, killing muslim is right. The point here is, if you're a minority, democracy is not your world.

Yes i know i cant judge democracy wholly from that single mistake. I do admit the benefits of democracy even my religion, Islam is one of the earliest faith that promoted the idea of egalitarianism & anti-misogyny. So what is the problem of the democracy then?

Firstly, i disagree with some of the democrats in my country, what they are doing is too political, they're just politicking & they are legitimating racism in the name of democracy. It's more than political, it's a lie when they project our government as not democratic & at the same time, these are the people who claim our government as racist. Fyi, the Malay race & the bumiputra (the origins of Malaysia) are the poorest races, in IKS industry, in corporate & private sector, in inter-racial household income, in economic wholly, in education & so forth. So our government had created an economic model based on the racial differences in order to overcome the racial differences. It's not the Malay Supremacy, it's equalizing the inter-racial gaps. But you cant expect the 50 years old age government could be free from bribery, corruption & etc. So there's a need of oppositions and the economic model is still doesnt reach the target of 30% Malay & Bumputra equity & if you go to the city areas in Malaysia, there are mostly Malaysian's Chinese that run the businesses.

So by enforcing the democracy & the equality in all aspects in this condition, i believe that there'll be more racial hatred than now, it's an ethnic cleansing of Malay & Bumiputra races, thus it's RACIST! The Chinese race will be richer & richer & this is what i call as legitimating racism in the name of democracy. But personally, i do agree with egalitarianism or equality, but not now, maybe in five more years i guess? Pape pun, orang melayu kena bangun.

Secondly, the coalition of DAP, PAS & PKR as the Pakatan Rakyat party is not absolute & limited to some common interests only like justice, rule of law, anti-corruption, integrity, non-racial politics & etc. This coalition is formed before 2008 & the basis of alliance is predominantly to enable a viable majority, not an ideological concurrence as PAS are still with their aim of an islamic nation whilst the DAP are against it. The structure of the coalition is so unstable because these different ideologies are united by one-manship man, Anwar Ibrahim. So what will happen when Anwar's dead?

Recently there's an issue about non-muslim rights in Masjid. It's not wrong for non-muslim to enter the Masjid & give talk, yes i admit that. But the problem here is why the Muslim in Malaysia cant unite, keep blaming each other, contempting each other, just because of this very non-muslim who might even be doing that as a political purpose, intentionally, perhaps just to provoke the Umno & break up the Muslim more & more, WHY? Cant they have a nice discussion instead of contempting each other? WHY? Because they are blurred with posts & now they're confused what is right, what is wrong. Instead of returning to God, they just conclude that as long as it is from Umno, it's never gonna be right & this is racist!

The best thing to do is free yourself when learning something about Islam & talking about any political ranting, so you will not misuse Islam for the political purpose. It's not secularism, but just not to misuse it.

We cant find an absolute democratic nation in this world because in any nation, there are people who fight for posts & these people will just do whatever it takes even in the so called democratic nation, US. So this means, cheating is not a wrong thing to do as long as you dont get caught in democracy.

What i want to say here is, democracy is not always the best choice. Thank you for reading, have a nice day.
Mohd Peng.